Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman Costume - Now if you are still looking for more Halloween party ideas, in this article I have got another idea for you. What about the wonder woman costume? Wonder woman has been with us for such a long time that the costume has become one of the great Halloween legends. Girls and women do not even get tired wearing this costume at all and every year you can catch somebody dressed up as Wonder woman. Take 2008 for example when Kim Kardashian attended her annual Halloween party, hosted by PAMA at L.A’s Stone Rose, as superhero Wonder Woman. Wow was that kim karashian wonder woman costume hot. I have no idea where that costume came from, but she wore it with black tights and knee high boots. There are just so many variations of the wonder women costume that you need not be afraid that you bump into someone wearing the exact same thing.

While there aren’t any new wonder woman costume that I can introduce to you, most of them which people wear are actually an authentic wonder woman costume. Of course if you want to be like kim kardashian, you can always learn how to make a wonder woman costume and come up with your own homemade wonder woman costume. It is not difficult really looking at her example. You can either buy the items separately, like the top part which looks like a swimsuit, get a pair of tights and boots and maybe add on a tiara and wala you are done! If not you can even switch up your own suit using the classic wonder woman costume pattern of blue, red and white which also corresponds to the American flag.

Now here in this article of mine, I am also going to introduce several wonder women costume items. There is the plus size wonder woman costume as well as the toddler, kids and girls wonder woman costumes. I will also try to find some wonder woman costume accessories which you can add to your costume. All this will not cost too much so you need not worry. I would call all of those a cheap wonder woman costume if you ask me.

So let us look at some of these wonder woman costume for adults. Do not worry that you need to run into a phone booth to change into these costumes but anyways that is Superman and not Wonder Woman. These are all easy to wear costumes. If you want something original, you should look at the lynda carter wonder woman costume. Lynda Carter was the actress who was playing as Wonder Woman a long long time ago. That was how the costume got popular and famous. But before we go there, why not check out this Wonder Woman Pyjamas set! 

Wonder Woman Superhero Pajama Set for Women - LargeWonder Woman Costume

Well alright I was just kidding! I don’t think you are going to wear that out to a Halloween party! However if you are willing to rip this pyjamas apart, you can you it as raw material to make your own custom wonder woman costume. Of course it is always easier to buy wonder woman costume instead of going through so much hassle. Be it for a child, infant, baby, toddler, it is always much easier to buy one then to DIY. Learning how to make wonder woman costume always takes time and if you botch up, there is nobody to help you and you have to buy one in the end. Let us take a look at these wonder woman costume ideas that are available on the market. I have even included the plus size wonder woman costume or in other words the 
large and fat wonder woman costume.

Super DC Heroes Wonder Woman Child's Costume - Medium (50 - 54" Height, 27 - 30" Waist)Wonder Woman Costume

Super DC Heroes Wonder Woman Toddler CostumeWonder Woman Costume

DC Comics Deluxe Wonder Woman Adult Costume, SmallWonder Woman Costume

DC Comics Wonder Woman Plus Size Adult CostumeWonder Woman Costume

Now looking at the above outfits, they sure look good don’t they? Rest assured that they are of good quality and will satisfy your Halloween needs. If you do not intend to buy the costumes you can look for some wonder woman costume hire or rental. If you want to know some history, I am afraid I cant provide you with any here. But I do think that Wonder Woman has been very popular during Halloween and widely used by the media too. For example in the Bones drama series, there was a Halloween special episode where Temperance Brennan (Deschanel) dressed as Wonder Woman. You also have Rachel Bilson from the O.C. dressing up as Wonder Woman too. The most impactful example had to be from Kim Kardashian. I do get many people asking where to buy the kim kardashian wonder woman costume or where did she get her costume and if the kim kardashian wonder woman costume is for sale etc. There is no way you can get her costume that easy. But if you want something sexy do check out the fredericks of hollywood wonder woman costume.

Even if you stay in all parts of the world, such as Australia, New Zealand, UK, Melbourne, Sydney, Canada, you can still place an order for a Wonder Woman costume online. There are plenty of Halloween costumes for sale online, including the official wonder woman costume. If you want to do something of your own, something like a redesign, it is possible too. I am going to append some of the accessories that you can get to do your own custom made wonder woman costume. Some people prefer pink to red and if you want something different from mainstream you will have to do it yourself. There is no best costume but what you like best and is suitable for yourself. For example if you want something hot, you can create something with less cloth or shorter shorts!

Officially Licensed Wonder Woman Cuff BraceletWonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman Wig, Black, One SizeWonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman CostumeWonder Woman Officially Licensed Boots, Red, Medium

Now of course it is much cheaper to get a complete wonder woman costume set and it would fit better with a more real and classic look. There are plenty of such wonder woman costumes for sale online as well so do look out for them. Women are lucky because they can always choose to wear a wonder woman costume for Halloween and if your partner wants to go with you, he can always dress up as superman, though in the comic Superman does not go with Wonder Women, they do look good together. I remember watching justice league and seeing both of them appearing together, or did I remember wrongly?

The wonder woman costume has been a hit for a long long time and was a hit for 2010. I am sure it will also be a hit for 2011. Stay tuned to my Halloween Party Ideas blog for more Halloween party ideas!

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