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Catwoman Costume - I guess the ladies must be very happy because after I talked about the wonder woman costume, now I am talking about yet another costume for ladies, the catwoman costume. Yes the catwoman costume is another popular costume which has not only been made popular by comics but also by Hollywood and the media too. Just take a look at the halle berry catwoman costume when she starred in Catwoman as well as the more famous michelle pfeiffer catwoman costume in the Batman Returns movie. Both have their unique points and have caused women from all over the world to fall in love with the catwoman costume.

Of course besides the adult catwoman costume, there is also the catwoman costume for kids. I would not be able to teach you how to make a catwoman costume as I think it is virtually impossible, unless you try to be like michelle Pfeiffer who falls into some cats and then has this crazy idea to sew her own catwoman costume. That was one of the most amazing leather catwoman costume I have ever seen! But anyways the purpose of this article of mine is to introduce some catwoman costume ideas. I do not think I will be recommending any homemade catwoman costume, unless it is something simple like a black dress together with a black mask that shows kitten ears and whiskers. Maybe you can add a cat’s tail too!

So what are the catwoman costumes available for adults? Many people would of course ask for the plus size catwoman costume and nobody said catwoman has to be slim though it may be harder to be a cat burglar now! Then of course there are kids catwoman costume as well as for the women, girls, childrens and teens. There is also the catwoman costume for the toddler and child. Do also check out the plus size catwoman costume.

Cat Woman CostumeCatwoman Costume

Catwoman CostumeSexy Adult Womens Halloween Costumes Black Feline Kitty Cat Catwoman Costume Dress Theme Party Outfit Roma By Fenvy Medium/Large, As ShownCatwoman Costume

Vinyl Long Sleeves Catsuit - Medium-Black CostumeCatwoman Costume

Forplay Women's Fierce Feline,Black,Large/X-LargeCatwoman Costume

Catwoman Deluxe Adult Costume Size LargeCatwoman Costume

Girls Catwoman Costume - Child LargeCatwoman Costume

One might ask if there is any authentic catwoman costume available in the market. This I believe is available but it will not be cheap. The above catwoman costumes that I have introduced to you are cheap catwoman costumes. The catwoman costume first appeared in the 1960s (1966 if I think is the correct year) when Eartha Kitt played Catwoman in a television series. She had the trademark growl-like purr and was dressed in this tight black all in one cat suit, which comes with an eye mask and cat ear head band. I guess the more popular one is by Michelle Pfeiffer which is the pvc and vinyl catwoman costume. I have such a catsuit available for your purchase as highlighted above.

As with the wonder woman costume, if you are going on a date for Halloween in your catsuit or catwoman costume, you can get him to come along as batman, or if you like maybe as Mr Freeze or even Robin. No matter what it is you can always buy your own catwoman costume accessories and try to piece together or make your own catwoman costume. This you can do to create the original catwoman costume effect using the same pattern of such costumes. I did not say that DIY is easy so any time you feel like giving up, it is still much easier to just buy a catwoman costume online. The best catwoman costume is one which fits you best or which you like. You can also consider getting a catwoman costume hire.

Adult Catwoman Costume KitCatwoman Costume

Catwoman MaskCatwoman Costume

Catwoman CostumeCatwoman Costume WhipCatwoman Costume

Some people have asked me for a purple catwoman costume. Interestingly, there really is such a catwoman costume available! Just check it out below, it is definitely a real catwoman costume. I have found out that it is actually the gotham girls catwoman costume. But if you want an official catwoman costume, you would have to look at those who I have introduced earlier on. These are the more classic catwoman costumes, do not ask me where the purple one came from, though I am thinking if it may have to do with Barney the dinosaur. Just joking! Doubt anybody would want to wear that for Halloween!

Gotham Girls Catwoman Cat Woman Costume Medium 10-14Catwoman Costume

In conclusion, the catwoman costume can be tons of fun but definitely not easy if you want to recreate one yourself. You are better off buying your own catwoman costume or perhaps some catwoman costume accessories to go with it. There are plenty of places both offline and online which have the catwoman costume for sale. If you do not want to be the bad girl, perhaps you would want to check out the wonder woman costume. In any case, check back on my Halloween party ideas blog for more hallowen party ideas!

UPDATE: News has just been released that Anne Hathaway is scheduled to play Selina Kyle (the women who is also known as Catwoman) in Christopher Nolan's latest batman movie The Dark Knight Rises. Now we just cant wait to see how Anne will be dressed. I am sure she will be stunning and we all will be getting some fresh ideas from her to create our very own Catwoman Halloween costume! I didn't really fall for her as the White Queen in Alice and Wonderland though (I will be talking about the Mad Hatter costume in my next post).

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