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Mad Hatter Costume - Finally a costume for the guys! But then again surprise surprise there are mad hatter costumes for the ladies too. Anyways this article is about the mad hatter costume, which was made popular by johnny depp who starred as the mad hatter in alice in wonderland. Of course the mad hatter costume has been around for a long long time. It was just that recently Tim Burton remade Alice in Wonderland into a Hollywood film (I was almost going to say Halloween film) and this made Alice in Wonderland all popular again. And of course many people like Johnny Depp and want to look like him too. As Alice in Wonderland was released in early 2010, obviously Halloween 2010 had many people wearing Mad Hatter costumes. Well that is why it is even better to put it on this year when people have forgotten about the mad hatter!

The mad hatter costume can actually be put together easily and I do have many mad hatter costume ideas for you. First of all, you can just wear a suit or anything really and you just top it off with a hat. Not any kind of hat but the kind which the Mad Hatter likes to wear. The boys and the mens mad hatter costume sounds easy but what about the female one for the girls? Well instead of wearing a mens suit they can wear a dress or a top with a skirt to make them look feminine. Then of course they must wear the iconic hat, maybe for them the hat can be smaller. I will show you some examples later.

In the movie Alice in Wonderland which starred Johnny Depp, you should know that Johnny usually portrays characters in a dark gothic look. I wouldn’t say he is evil, just a bit eccentric and out of the ordinary.  Ultimately it is still a Disney movie so it is supposed to be child friendly and full of fun. There are plenty of mad hatter costumes available online and I am going to showcase some of them here. Check out the plus size mad hatter costume and the various authentic mad hatter costumes.

Disguise Costumes Men's Mad Hatter Prestige (Movie),Multi,XL (42-46)Mad Hatter Costume

Mad Hatter CostumeDisguise Costumes Men's Mad Hatter Deluxe (Movie),Multi,XL (42-46)Mad Hatter Costume

California Costumes Mens Black & White Mad Hatter Adult Halloween Costume LMad Hatter Costume

The Mad Hatter Men's Costume Adult Halloween Outfit - Size XL, Chest 48-50 & Waist 36-38Mad Hatter Costume

Teen Mad Hatter Costume - Teen Size 11-13Mad Hatter Costume

Tea Party Hostess Costume Adult - LargeMad Hatter Costume

Mystery House Women's Mad Hatter Costume,Green,SmallMad Hatter Costume

So some people would also ask me how to make a mad hatter costume. You cannot really make one. Like I already said you can wear something simple and just add on a hat. You can then call that your very own mad hatter costume. For the women they can choose to be more cool and macho by wearing a mens suit or a dress or skirt with the hat. The kids can also follow suit. If you do not like to DIY or create your own homemade mad hatter costume, you can also check out the female womens or girl mad hatter costumes above. It is pretty cheap to get a mad hatter costume and its value for money because you can always wear the hat or the suit elsewhere.

Other than the normal mad hatter costumes, you may also want to look out for these mad hatter costume accessories. They can help you create a more mischievous mad hatter look. For example, look at the orange mad hatter wig which Johnny depp was wearing in the movie, you could order that online here too, yes right from this article! The other major accessories would be all the funky hats that you can put together with your main costume. Some of these hats are new, some I would call electric and others are simply original. Some can be plain scary too! So there are simply many mad hatter halloween costume ideas, you just got to know where to look for the best cheap deals.

There are plenty more mad hatter costumes from where they came from. Other than those featured above, they can be for tweens, teens, toddler, baby, men, boys, girls, women, ladies, kids, children etc. All it takes is some creativity and a hat! You can try looking for a mad hatter costume pattern if you really want to make your own mad hatter costume. By coming up with your own costume, it may be a cheaper option, but do take note that if you are unable to do a good job, you might end up buying a costume in the end, so it is a waste of time and effort and it wont be cheap in the end. So hope you are lucky enough to find those mad hatter costume patterns that are good so as to create your very own custom costume.

Hope that you will end up buying a mad hatter costume because they are really value for money. Another option would be to get a mad hatter costume hire or rental. There is no best mad hatter costume but you must spend some time to find a look which you would like for Halloween or maybe other occasions. I do recommend a halloween mad hatter costume this coming October because I am sure it will be a hit with less people wearing the same thing. There are many mad hatter costume for sale online so take your time to pick and choose one and you would not be disappointed.

Last thing I would like to say is that if I had the chance, one day I would seriously consider opening a mad hatter costume shop. In this shop I will sell every hat that I could find. With such a specialised niche, anybody and everybody who wants to buy hats will come to me. This is actually a crazy mad hatter costume idea that only the mad hatter himself will think of. Guess this is what he will be doing if he was not stuck in Wonderland. In any sense, do check out my other articles on the catwoman costume and the wonder woman costume which would serve as great costumes for Halloween. If you still need more Halloween party ideas, bookmark this blog of mine and you will not be disappointed!

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